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If your‘re looking to find the right career that suits you, our guides on CV & interview preparation will help get you started

Common Interview Questions


Preparing for an interview starts with reviewing the company, the job description and yourself. It is beneficial to create a list of questions the employer/interviewer may ask you and prepare responses to them. Below is a list of popular questions that may be asked in an interview. Although the questions below are applicable to basically any position, it will be necessary to think about questions that would be asked that are specific to the role and company as well. These questions could range from skills to qualifications to questions about the founders or other big information.

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Tips for Interviewing


There are techniques for interviewing which range from body language to verbal indications. It is important to be aware of social cues and the environment around you when interviewing. Below are ten tips to follow when interviewing to help maintain control throughout your interview.

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Phone and Skype Interview Guide


A common misunderstanding regarding phone or skype interviews is that they are easier than in-person interviews; however, when interviewing over the phone, the candidate does not have the opportunity to read body language or use their body language to their advantage. When interviewing over phone or skype, it is important to treat the interview as you would an in-person interview and complete thorough preparation.

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Aid for Non Irish Candidates


Having placed many candidates from overseas in roles with top technology and semi-conductor brands in Ireland, we understand that moving countries is a life changing commitment. Not only will we find you a mid-level or senior IT job, but we’ll advise on what you’ll need know about immigration rules, accommodation, finance, education and Irish life in general.

With this guide you will find out more about:

  • Visas & Permits, Salaries & Cost of living, Social Security, Personal Public Service Number, Accommodation & Utilities, Public Transport, Banking, Taxation, Education.

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Job Alerts

You can create job alerts to stay updated with new job postings that match your preferences