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Defending Data: Cybersecurity Jobs in Ireland

Defending Data: Cybersecurity Jobs in Ireland

Defending Data: Cybersecurity Jobs in Ireland

Posted on 29 March 2024

We live in a digitally-driven world and as you can guess, cybersecurity is quite a big deal. And with cyber threats on the rise, companies in Ireland and around the globe are increasingly prioritising the protection of their sensitive data. This heightened focus on cybersecurity has understandably led to a surge in demand for talent that can help to protect digital assets and mitigate cyber risks. 

In other words, there are a lot more cybersecurity jobs in Ireland now than ever before. But before we talk about jobs, let’s take a look at what’s fuelling this rise in demand. 

Cybercrime: A Growing Concern

The rapid pace of technological developments has connected the world like never before, but it has also exposed vulnerabilities. This is particularly true with regards to new tech that may be released early in a bid to beat the competition. But moving quickly often cuts corners when it comes to safety and testing. 

But even with strong testing of security measures, cyber attacks, ranging from data breaches to ransomware incidents are on the increase. Here in Ireland our big wake-up call on cybersecurity came when the HSE was the subject of a ransomware attack. This led to the strengthening of Ireland’s CS-IRT (Cyber Security Incident Response Team) at the National Cyber Security Center (NCSC). 

While this was the biggest cyberattack in Irish history, it was just one of many attacks on Irish businesses and international companies based here in Ireland. In fact, we may never know just how many attempted cyberattacks occur each year as companies will usually only release data in relation to attacks if they are successful. 

One thing we do know, however, is that according to the Irish Computer Society (ICS) cybercrime costs the Irish economy an estimated €630 million annually. Incredibly, 1 in 3 corporate victims of cyberattacks in Ireland during 2022 paid hackers a ransom with the average payout hovering around €22k. 

So it’s clear, there is a problem and something needs to be done. 

Cybersecurity Growth in Ireland

We all know at this point that Ireland is a hub for tech innovation and investment. Our thriving tech sector, fueled by multinational corporations and homegrown startups, has created a massive range of opportunities for cybersecurity professionals. In fact, a report by Cyber Ireland highlights that the cybersecurity industry in Ireland is projected to grow by 25% annually, outpacing the global average. 

It’s a €300 million industry and in 2023, 48% of businesses said that they intended to invest further in their cybersecurity. 

Cybersecurity Jobs in Ireland

So, what career paths are available for those looking to break into the field of cybersecurity in Ireland? Well, here are some of the most popular cybersecurity jobs in Ireland across the past 12 months. 

Security Analysts

Security analysts play a crucial role in monitoring networks, detecting security breaches, and responding to incidents in real-time. With cyber threats becoming increasingly sophisticated, skilled security analysts are in high demand across various industries, including finance, healthcare, and technology.

Ethical Hackers/Penetration Testers

Ethical hackers, also known as penetration testers, are tasked with identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities in systems and applications to assess their security. By simulating cyber attacks, ethical hackers help organisations identify weaknesses before malicious hackers can exploit them.

Security Engineers

Security engineers design, implement, and manage security solutions to protect against cyber threats. From firewall configurations to encryption protocols, security engineers play a pivotal role in safeguarding critical infrastructure and data assets.

Incident Responders

When there is a cyber attack or data breach, incident responders come in to contain the incident, carry out forensic analysis, and restore normal operations. Their quick and effective response is essential for minimising the impact of security incidents on companies and their clients or customers.

Another area where cybersecurity opportunities are available is the growing AI industry in Ireland. Check out our guide to AI jobs in Ireland to learn more about this exciting new industry. 

As cyber threats continue to evolve and grow in frequency, the demand for cybersecurity professionals in Ireland shows no signs of slowing down. With a diverse range of career paths and opportunities available, if you’re passionate about defending data and protecting digital assets, then Ireland could be a great place for you to take the next step in your career. And that’s true of both seasoned professionals and new graduates. 

One thing we will say though is that anyone looking for cybersecurity jobs in Ireland will need to make sure that they are up to speed with the latest trends in the industry. This includes having the experience or skills relevant to the latest threats to the tech sector. 

If cybersecurity in Ireland is on your radar, then get in touch with Software Placements today and we’ll help you take the next step in your career.

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