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The Essential Guide to Software Developer Jobs in Ireland

The Essential Guide to Software Developer Jobs in Ireland

The Essential Guide to Software Developer Jobs in Ireland

Posted on 21 December 2022

Since the launch and exponential growth of the Irish semiconductor industry over the last few decades, Ireland has become a veritable hub of technological innovation. The success of those companies that established their European and global HQs here on the Emerald Isle has led to incredible growth in other tech industries. This has seen the likes of Apple, Google, and Meta set up camp right here in Ireland. 

And when you add Ireland’s vibrant and thriving startup community to the mix, you can see why the country boasts some amazing opportunities for software developers.  

So whether you’re a local graduate or an experienced developer looking to make the move to this exciting European tech hub, here are some pointers on finding software developer jobs in Ireland. 

Understanding the job market

As previously mentioned, Ireland is a hub for tech companies from all over the world. These companies see Ireland and its welcoming tax structure as a perfect entry point into the European market. Many of these companies have invested heavily in expanding their workforces over the years and now see Ireland as a permanent base of operations. 

Major tech employers in Ireland

Google- 8,000 employees

Apple- 6,000 employees 

Dell- 5,000 employees

Intel- 4,500 employees 

Meta - 3,000 employees

Microsoft- 2,000 employees 

PayPal- 2,700 employees

LinkedIn- 2,000 employees

Salesforce- 1,400 employees

However, it’s not just major global companies that offer great opportunities here. 

Ireland’s tech startup industry is booming with a huge number of companies launching on a yearly basis. This includes everything from payment technology providers to fintech software startups. There’s also a huge number of startups in Ireland’s thriving life sciences sector. 

What we’re getting at here is that there’s much more to Ireland’s tech industry than the usual big employers that pretty much everyone wants to work for. There are ample opportunities in smaller companies which should be of particular interest to those moving here from abroad. This is not a ‘throw your eggs in one basket’ scenario. Moving from one company to another once your contract has ended should pose no difficulties at all for a good software developer. 

What skills are in demand? 

As with any market, landing a software developer job in Ireland is all about having the right skills. The demand for particular developer skills such as Ruby on Rails, Python, and SQL will change depending on both the industry and the available talent at any given time. In most scenarios, this would mean that a developer looking to move to Ireland or a student that wants to enter the job market must ensure that there are enough opportunities for their particular skill set. 

But with such a broad range of tech companies now based in Ireland, there is a constant demand for developers across all skill sets. Yes, it really is that open a market. Now, we’re not for a moment suggesting that securing a software developer job in Ireland will be easy. There will be quite a lot of competition for any good opportunities. However, the fact remains that the opportunities are there. 

Searching for job opportunities

Tech companies in Ireland tend to use recruitment agencies (like Software Placements) for their hiring needs. Yes, most companies will advertise their openings through the regular channels such as jobs boards, social media, and on their own careers pages. However, during our time in the industry we’ve noticed that many of the best employers prefer to trust a recruiter to build a small pool of suitable candidates at the earlier stages of the recruitment process. 

Recruitment agencies with established relationships with tech companies will also often be the first to know about any upcoming openings even before they are advertised to the public. For this reason alone, it makes absolute sense to contact a specialised software recruitment agency if you are considering your options here in Ireland. 


The technology industry in Ireland is closely knit, and networking can be an excellent way to learn about job opportunities and make connections with people in the know. This is why it’s a great idea to attend industry events, join relevant online communities, and reach out to other professionals on the likes of LinkedIn to build your network.

LinkedIn, in particular, is a great tool for building connections and genuine relationships with people in the industry. Spend a little time connecting with those you may have a mutual connection or interest with and when the time comes to make your move, let everyone know what your plans are. Who knows where it might lead. 

The benefits of working in Ireland

Sure, Ireland has beautiful scenery, friendly people, and an amazing culture, but that’s not going to pay the bills or make your job any easier, right? So why do people relocate to Ireland or simply decide to stay after graduation? 

For one thing Ireland has robust employer regulations that are designed to protect the rights of the employee. This includes guaranteed holidays, protections against overworking, and a whole range of other basic employee rights. 

However, aside from those rights, Ireland’s software developer jobs market is employee-led thanks in large part to the global talent shortage. This sees employers offer a wide range of benefits including competitive pay, opportunities for development, and remote working options. 

Of course, your ability to secure the best benefits package often depends on your negotiating skills. This is another reason why working with a recruitment agency works in your favour. For example, if remote working for at least 3 days per week is essential for you, the agency will often be able to tell you right off the bat whether or not an employer will be willing to accommodate you. This could save you a lot of time and effort and ensures that you target the right opportunities from the start. 

Whether you’re already living in Ireland or want to relocate here, Software Placements would love the opportunity to help you find the right software developer jobs in Ireland. Get in touch with us today and let’s talk about your future. 

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